BidSwitch RTB ProtocolsΒΆ

BidSwitch provides real-time bid/offer access for supply and demand partners across all online media advertising types: display, mobile, video, native, dooh etc. Integrating with BidSwitch allows advertising platforms to engage with new Buyers and Suppliers, enter new geographical regions, and utilise new media types by providing a unifying layer for parties using many different technologies to run their businesses.

BidSwitch enables this by developing custom protocols for both Suppliers and Buyers based on the OpenRTB 2.x specification. This lets all parties integrated with BidSwitch conduct business with each other through a single point of integration.

  • The Buyer protocol defines how Buyers interact with BidSwitch

  • The Supplier protocol defines how Suppliers interact with BidSwitch

Both protocols are based on the latest OpenRTB Protocol Specification V2.5, but an exact match is not possible due to the evolving nature of both the business, and the OpenRTB specification. See the Buyer or Supplier protocol guide for complete information.


It is best practice to always integrate with BidSwitch using the latest version of the protocol