Xandr (Appnexus)

Xandr (previously AppNexus) have a few quirks to opening a trading connection with them, which makes it a little more time demanding that when connecting with other Suppliers. These quirks are outlined herein so that you are aware of what is required.

Connection Basics

  • All creatives served on Xandr inventory are subject to creative approval. These are submitted for review using the BidStream submission process explained in the Creative Approval Overview section

  • Xandr expects different Creative IDs for those served over HTTP and HTTPS. Therefore it is recommended to have separate IDs for secure and non-secure versions of the same creative, e.g. cr_123 & cr_123_ssl

Connection Workflow

  1. After requesting a connection through the myBidSwitch UI, a ticket will be opened for the BidSwitch Support team to assess the request.

  2. Support will assess your suitability for an Xandr connection against a list of requirements set down by Xandr. These requirements mainly revolve around your Creative Approval setup and creative quality history, the types of inventory you buy, and if a side agreement is needed. Note: If a side agreement is required, in addition to what is outlined below, there will be some back and forth communications with your Account Manager to get all of the contract details signed and countersigned.

  3. Once you have passed BidSwitch validation, BidSwitch will contact their Xandr representative to move the process forward. As part of this, your application will also be assessed by Xandr, who validate connections for Xandr.

    • Even if a Buyer contacts Xandr directly, they must still make a formal request through BidSwitch

    • The Xandr review process can take a week or more to get approval and a seat for trading

    • Xandr must confirm that there are no internal sales channel conflicts. If Xandr is currently working with you, the review process can take longer

  4. Once approved and your Buyer seat created, Xandr sends BidSwitch the details BidSwitch will notify you that trading can begin. BidSwitch Support will add this Seat ID to your myBidSwitch UI account, and thereafter this will be your ID for Xandr trading.

    • For requests, this will be the ID set in the wseat or pmp.deals.wseat field that Xandr will use to send you inventory

    • For responses, this will be the value you return in the seatbid.seat field

Timeline Summary

To summarise what all the above means in real-time:

  • 2-3 days for BidSwitch to assess your connection request

  • 1-3 weeks for Xandr to approve your connection and/or finalise a side agreement

  • 1-2 days to ensure all trading details set up properly