Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media is a Supplier that provides programmatic access to broadcast television through Over-The-Top (OTT) video advertising. They provide access to inventory in the US market. Prospective buyers should reach out to their Demand Manager to get connected.

What’s Different About It?

  • Sorenson runs auctions for Video plays that occur on Smart TV screens.

  • It is possible to track the actual viewability and completion rate with VAST events, as they are able to report the extent to which the impression was seen. Sorenson supports VAST 3.0 and 4.0.

  • Smart TV only.

  • Each bid request is for a unique impression, no impression multiplier is used.

  • Win notifications are reported back as usual, within 200ms.

  • Impression notifications are reported within 10 minutes.

  • Creative Approval must be handled in advance of trading.

Buyer Workflow

This workflow assumes you have the following requirements setup:

  • Connected with Sorenson in the Supply Partners tab of the myBidSwitch UI.

  • Enabled Programmatic TV inventory in your BidStream settings.

  • You have a Sorenson Media Representative Contact.

Getting Creative Approval

Use the BidSwitch Creative Approval Pre-submitting API.

Managing A Campaign

  1. Each Campaign/Line item should be setup with its relevant Deal ID. You can get the Deal ID from the Sorenson Media UI or else from a Sorenson Media Rep.

  2. The Buyer receives a Bid Request containing the Deal ID.

  3. The Buyer responds using the standard video response format.

  4. The Buyers bids on the Bid Request, which represents a single impression. For each auction, a single win notification will be sent within 200ms. The win notification is not indicative of a served impression, though win notifications and impressions should have minimal or no discrepancy after 10 minutes.

  5. The impression/play will occur no more than 10 minutes following the auction.

  6. An impression notification and other VAST events included in the Bid Response are fired when the play actually occurs.

  7. Only events that occurred on the Smart TV are then reported back to Buyer.

Other Notes

  • Deal IDs: Supported, Open or Private

  • wseat support: yes

  • Media type: video

  • Inventory type: Programmatic TV video advertising

  • Currency: USD

  • Floor Price: Yes, declared in bid request

  • Loss notifications: not supported

  • Commercial mode support: BidSwitch Media and Connect both supported

Bid Request Details

  • Device Type: Connected Device (6)

  • Sorenson’s Supplier ID is 'sorenson'

  • Video Example

Bid Response Details

Buyers need to write a standard BidSwitch video response to respond properly, see the Video Bid Response or section for an example.