Protocol Release Notes

28th September 2022

Added the Google DV360 specific request field ext.purch, see the Ext Object section for more details

19th July 2022

Added the extension to support passing the category of deal from Supplier to Buyer. See the Deals Object for more details.

14th June 2022

Added the Google DV360 specific request field user.ext.google_audiences, see the User Ext Object section for more details.

3rd February 2022

Added Muliple Bidfloor Support, allowing you to set a different bidfloor per Buyer, see the Multiple Bidfloor Support section for details.

  • imp.ext.wseat


  • imp.ext.wseat.bidfloor

  • imp.ext.wseat.bidfloorcur

24th September 2021

Added support for the site|app.ext.inventorypartnerdomain bid request field. This field was added in the (app-)ads.txt v1.0.3 specification update. See the Site Object or App Object section for more details.

18th August 2021

Added support for the optional field to response bid object; see Response Bid Object for details.

28th May 2021

Support updated for the SKAdNetwork protocol response extension to include the addition of the fidelities object. See the SkAdNetwork Extension section for more details.






14th April 2021

Added support for passing the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLOC) ID using the Google format, user.ext.floc, see the FloC Object section for details.

30th March 2021

Added support for the following fields:

  • site.ext.amp

  • geo.accuracy

  • geo.metro

25th February 2021

Updated support for the IAB SKAdNetwork Specification, which resulted in the following bid request additions.

  • imp.ext.skadn.versions,see the Impression Ext section for more details

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnetlist

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnetlist.max

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnetlist.excl

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnetlist.addl

  • device.ext.atts, see the Device Object Properties section for more details

21st December 2020

19th November 2020

Added the field. This specifies the Advertisers/Agencies that should have access to this deal in the DSP’s system, see the Deals Object section for more details.

12th November 2020

Added fields to complete support for the IAB Tech Lab OTT/CTV Store Assigned App Identification Guidelines and the Guidelines for Identifier for Advertising (IFA) on CTV/OTT platforms

15th September 2020

Added support for the content object, see Content Object. This object can be passed in site.content or app.content

7th September 2020 - iOS 14

The release adds support for iOS 14 based on the OpenRTB SKAdNetwork Extension.

Bid Request Fields

  • imp.ext.skadn See the Impression Ext section for more details

  • imp.ext.skadn.version

  • imp.ext.skadn.sourceapp

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnetids

  • imp.ext.skadn.skadnhsh

  • device.ext.idfv See the Device Object for more details

  • user.ext.impdepth See the User Object for more details

  • user.ext.sessionduration

  • device.ifa Updated validation to support Apple’s deprecation of the IDFA as part of iOS 14, this field should be passed using all zeros, rather than removed or an empty string, as all zeros is the expected format, e.g. "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

  • See the In App iOS 14 section for an iOS 14 bid request example

Bid Response Fields

  • See the Bid Ext Object section for more details.








  • See the Response to iOS 14 section for an iOS 14 response example

v1.0 - June 2017

Initial Release based on OpenRTB 2.5