Required Fields per Buyer

Some Buyers request or require certain fields be sent to them that are above and beyond the normal IAB specification. This usually indicates fields that they deem important and thus including them will increase their interest in your inventory.

Recommended Fields per Buyer


Required or Recommended fields


  • native.request.eventtrackers.event with value 1 (Required)

  • native.request.eventtrackers.methods with values [1,2] (Required) JavaScript-based tracking: If a placement supports JavaScript-based tracking, it should indicate support for it with an EventTracker object with event = 1 (impression) and method = 2 (js). Note that this should be used even for viewability trackers. You can read more on DV360’s Native Inventory Page

  • native.request.plcmttype (recommended) If you do not populate this attribute, it will be shown as unknown in the product and may limit demand.

  • In addition, exchanges are required to allow the Google native ads client side JS script to execute on Native placements.

  • See the Native Object section for more details.

The TradeDesk

source.tid (Required) Transaction ID that must be common across all participants in this bid request (e.g., potentially multiple exchanges), see the Source Object section for more details.


This table of fields does not include those fields that are required as part of this protocol.