Bid Response v5.3

This is the top level object that is returned by the Buyer. Each bid response sent from the Buyer to BidSwitch should contain the following fields.


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Bid responses for in-app inventory match banner or video response formats.

Bid Response Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string Specifies the ID of the bid request to which this is a response to, for example, "d7d1e107-fe7c-4a57-9592-d1d41fa702d9"
seatbid array of objects An array of Seat Bid objects, see the Seat Bid Object section. The length of the array can be either 1+ (for yes-bid) or 0 (for no-bid).
cur* string Sets the bidding currency using ISO-4217 alphabetic codes. If not provided USD is assumed, "USD"
ext object The bid response extension object. This field may be omitted in No Bid Responses, see the Bid Response Ext Object section.
nbr* integer Return a No-bid Reason to BidSwitch. See the valid reasons in the Buyer No-bid Response / Reason section