User Object


Fields marked with asterisk (*) are optional.

User Object Properties
Value Type Description
id* string Unique BidSwitch ID of this user, for example, 252eb154-b3e5-473f-bad8-9b6d7f8646e5.
buyeruid* string The Buyer user ID as mapped by BidSwitch for the DSP. For in-app traffic the lowercase IDFA, or Android ID is used. For example, "38f72eaf-5d6f-4143-824f-deaf753d7239"
keywords* string Comma separated list of keywords, interests, or intent, for example, Cars, sports, vacation
yob* integer Year of birth as a 4-digit integer, for example, 1977
gender* string

Specifies the user gender, for example, "F"

  • "M" = Male
  • "F" = Female
  • "O" = Known to be other, or omitted if unknown
data* array of objects Additional data. Each data object represents a different data source, for more information, see the Data Object section.
ext* object See User Ext Object

User Ext Object

User Ext Object Properties
Value Type Description
consent* string

The binary encoding scheme that is passed in base64 URL/web safe format known as daisybit, e.g. "Y29uc2VudCBkYXRh"

The data stored in the consent string is divided into 3 parts: metadata, the purposes for which the user has given consent, and to which vendors this consent was given.

The Supplier should pass this information to Buyers to ensure they can bid appropriately in their responses. For more information see the following links:

User Object Example

      "keywords":"sports, entertainment",