BidSwitch Trading Modes

BidSwitch supports two trading modes, Media Mode and Connect Mode. From a technical perspective there is no difference in implementation. The two modes differ only in commercial terms between Buyers and Suppliers , and billing methods.

  • Each Supplier can decide which trading modes they want to support, and can support both modes with different Buyers at the same time. Some Suppliers support both modes, while others just pick one.
  • Buyers can use both modes, but only one mode per Supplier. So it is not possible to be in Connect Mode and Media Mode with a particular Supplier at the same time.
  • To request a connection to be changed from Media to Connect, or vice versa, you must email and request the change. You must also copy the Buyer or Supplier (depending on which side you sit). BidSwitch support must receive confirmation of the request to change from both parties directly via email.


BidSwitch cannot accept 2nd hand acknowledgement of wanting to change mode, including a forwarded email. Both parties must email support directly.

Media Mode

When using Media Mode, trading is done using BidSwitch’s own seat with a Supplier. Therefore, no contractual agreement is needed between the Buyer and Supplier. In this scenario, BidSwitch acts as an intermediary for Buyers, and forwards the payments to the Supplier. The BidSwitch fee can be packaged in two ways in this mode:

  • The fee can be invoiced as a separate line item, see the Sample Invoice for an example.
  • The fee can be deducted from the original bid. So, when bid reduction is used to cover the BidSwitch fee, BidSwitch reduces the price of the original bid by the percentage of the Buyer’s fee, then if the Buyer wins the auction the BidSwitch fee is added on top of the clearing price, for example:
    • If a fee of 8% is applied to a bid of $1.296, BidSwitch will send a bid of $1.20 to the supplier, 1.296 / 1.08 = 1.20.
    • Should the Buyer win the auction at a price of $1.10, then BidSwitch will report $1.188 as the winning price.

Connect Mode

When using Connect Mode, trading is done using the Buyer’s own seat with the Supplier. In this scenario a contractual agreement is required between the Buyer and Supplier. The Supplier bills the Buyer directly and BidSwitch does not handle media cost payments.

This means that Buyers get an additional invoice for their BidSwitch fee in addition to the Supplier invoice. The fee is currently not included in the reported media cost by default, and no bid reduction takes place.

  • Should the Buyer bid $1.18 at auction, $1.18 is the price of the bid sent. If the BidSwitch fee is 8%, then BidSwitch will invoice the fee of $0.094 separately

Using Connect Mode has a number of advantages over Media Mode.

  • Many Buyers have lower fees when using Connect Mode and are more willing to buy from Suppliers
  • Some Buyers only trade with BidSwitch connected Suppliers using connect mode
  • Buyers are given a separate BidSwitch invoice each month for their fee, which will not affect your trading activities
  • There is no pre-bid reduction
  • There is a lower chance of confusion about where Demand Partner fees are included. This can be especially beneficial for Private Marketplaces & Deal IDs
  • Alcohol and gambling ads can be enabled
  • Unique side agreements between specific partners can be established, upon BidSwitch approval. Usually side agreement verbiage can simply be added as appendix to Connect Mode contracts

Sample Invoice

The following example invoice shows a Buyer who uses both connect and media mode, sample_invoice.png.