Creative Approval Overview

What is Creative Approval?

Creative Approval (CA) means getting your Creatives approved for display on certain Supplier platforms. The Creatives are vetted to ensure they are safe and appropriate for users. If any issues are found, you will be notified with information about what you can do to get your ad approved.

What CA services are available?

  • The BidSteam CA Submitting method is the usual way CA is initiated.

  • The BidSwitch Pre-submit API lets you pre-submit your Creatives before you start sending them in the BidStream.

  • The BidSwitch CA Reporting API lets you check the CA Status of any Creatives submitted for approval through either submitting method.


Sometimes a Supplier’s CA Service bans creatives that seen in both secure (https) and non-secure (http) forms. Therefore it is recommended to have separate IDs for secure and non-secure versions of the same creative, e.g. cr_123 & cr_123_ssl.

How BidStream CA works

When a Buyer bids on a bid request with a new Creative, BidSwitch sends the bid to the Supplier, and also submits the new Creative to the Supplier for approval. Unless the Supplier does not require CA.

As a result, it can take between 15-20 minutes, or up to several hours, before the Supplier approves the Creative. During this period, none of the bids that the Buyer places with the Supplier will win, as the Creative has not been approved.

Usually this creates no issues for Buyers, as over the duration of a campaign the gap in spend accrued during the first few hours is easily closed. However, there are cases when allowing this idle time in a running campaign is not acceptable, and in such cases, pre-submitting your Creatives using the The BidSwitch CA REST API means you can get them approved before the campaign begins.

Creative approval submission and reporting flow
  1. The Buyer submits a new creative in a Bid Response.

  2. BidSwitch sends the new Creative to the Supplier’s CA service.

  3. BidSwitch sends the bid to the Supplier.

  4. The Supplier checks the CA approval status of the Creative.

  5. The bid is rejected due to the unapproved Creative, and all bids will be rejected until it’s approved. You can check its status using the Creative Approval Reporting API, or by downloading the .csv file from the myBidSwitch UI. See the bcts instructions for details.

  6. The Creative is approved, and the bid is accepted.

When do you need to pre-submit Creatives?

In certain scenarios you need to have your Creatives approved before you start bidding. In the following cases you need to pre-submit them before you start bidding on Bid Requests, and you should use the Creative Approval Pre-submitting API to get them approved beforehand.

  • If there are technical limitations in the approval process on the Supplier side. See the Supplier Information for information about Suppliers that differ from the norm. Very often the BidSwitch CA REST API will be the only way to fully complete the CA cycle with such Suppliers, or at the very least, it will be the most straightforward.

  • Supplier traffic is too valuable to be lost.

  • If the CA process has a history of taking too long and results in the under-delivery of campaigns.

  • Private deals in which there is a committed/guaranteed amount of impressions.

The BidSwitch CA REST API

BidSwitch provides its own CA REST API that can be used to pre-submit Creatives to Suppliers on its network. It can be used in conjunction with the Reporting API to address two parts of the process, submitting and reporting. Use the instructions on the following pages to submit your Creatives for approval with the Suppliers Integrated with the BidSwitch CA Services.

  1. The Buyer submits Creatives for approval, specifying with which Suppliers it wants to get them approved.

  2. BidSwitch sends the Creatives to the given Suppliers for approval .

  3. The Buyer can check the status of the Creative using the Reporting API.

  4. A Supplier may disapprove the Creative, so fix the issue, and resubmit it again for approval with that Supplier only.

  5. Once approved, you may begin bidding on requests with the creative and trading can begin immediately.

Suppliers Integrated with the BidSwitch CA Services

The CA services for the following Suppliers are integrated with BidSwitch. All are integrated with the reporting API. The following table outlines which services each Supplier supports.

CA Integrated Partners

Pre-submit API

BidStream Submitting

  • Broadsign

  • Dish

  • Sorenson

  • AdStir

  • Appnexus

  • Google Ad Exchange

  • i-mobile

  • MicroAd

  • Mobsmart

  • Nexage

  • OpenX - CCI (Japan)

  • TripleLift

  • Yahoo Ad Exchange

  • Xrost

  • YieldOne