Site Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Site Object Properties
Value Type Description
publisher object Publisher object, for more information, see the Publisher Object section.
id* string An exchange specific identifier.
name* string Site name (may be masked by publisher request), for example, "Test Site"
domain* string Domain of the site, used for advertiser side blocking. ""
cat* array of strings

Array of IAB content categories for the site, ["IAB1", "IAB2-3"]. Based on the IAB taxonomy, and extended with additional sensitive categories listed in the Sensitive Categories and Rich Media section.

The content categories specified can be extended using BidSwitch Sensitive Categories and Rich Media.

page* string URL of the page where the impression will be shown. ""
ref* string Referrer URL that caused navigation to the current page, for example, ""
privacypolicy* integer

Indicates if the site has a privacy policy.

  • 0 = No
  • 1 = Yes.
mobile* integer

Mobile-optimized signal.

  • 0 = No
  • 1 = Yes.

SSP Site Object Example

      "name":"Site ABCD",
         "name":"Publisher A"