Compatibility and Deprecation

The BidSwitch protocol is a constantly evolving technology. As such, it regularly undergoes changes which behoove customers to keep their integration with the BidSwitch platform up to date. Along with the BidSwitch Buyer Protocol v5.3 documentation, use this section and the Protocol Version Differences section to keep your integration up to date.


Any part of the specification which gets deprecated will be marked using the following style. In most circumstances a pointer to what you should do to update your implementation of the specification will be provided.

Deprecated since version X.Y.

Deprecation Timeframe

Deprecated feature support in the codebase is guaranteed for five specification releases after deprecation. Starting with the sixth specification release after deprecation, any deprecated feature is used at the at Buyers’s own risk.

Backward Compatibility

All specifications with the same major version number are backward compatible. Specifications with different major version numbers are not guaranteed to be backward compatible. You can compare previous specifications against the current implementation using the following PDFs.

  • BidSwitch 2.1 PDF

  • BidSwitch 2.2 PDF

  • BidSwitch 2.3 PDF

  • BidSwitch 2.4 PDF

  • BidSwitch 2.5 PDF

  • BidSwitch 2.6 PDF

  • BidSwitch 4.0 PDF

  • BidSwitch 4.1 PDF

  • BidSwitch 4.2 PDF

  • BidSwitch 4.3 PDF

  • BidSwitch 5.0 PDF

  • BidSwitch 5.1 PDF

  • BidSwitch 5.2 PDF

  • BidSwitch 5.3 PDF