Buyer No-bid Response / Reason

Buyers can return two kinds of No Bid Responses (NBRs) to BidSwitch.

  • A No Bid Response, which is usually an empty 204 response and indicates that the Buyer did not want to bid on the offer. See the Buyer No Bid Response section for an example of this kind of response.
  • A No Bid Reason, which contains the nbr field and indicates why the Buyer did not bid on the request.
  • The currently supported No-bid Reasons are listed in the table below.

By returning this information to Suppliers, it allows them to address potential problems in their system. If a No Bid Reason is returned, BidSwitch will send that to the Supplier and should a recurring problem surface steps can be taken to fix it.

Buyer No Bid Reasons
Code Description
0 Not used
1 Technical Error
2 Invalid request
3 Known Web Spider
4 Suspected non-human traffic
5 Cloud, Data centre, or Proxy IP
6 Unsupported Device
7 Blocked Publisher or Site
8 Unmatched User
9 Daily reader cap met
10 Daily domain cap met
11 ads.txt validation failed to verify the Supplier as an authorised seller of the publisher’s inventory, see the BidSwitch and Ads.txt section for more details.

Example Response