Deals Center Overview

Deals Management Overview

Deals Management is a feature built by BidSwitch to support Buyers and Suppliers sharing deal information with one another. It offers two ways by which you can share the relevant information with your trading partners. The BidSwitch Deals API, and a Deals Management User Interface. The previous spreadsheet options is still supported and you can upload/download it using the Bulk Management option. The various deals management options serve these main purposes:

  • Buyers and Suppliers that do not have an API integration can use the spreadsheet/UI to synchronise deal details with each other, and use the myBidSwitch UI as the basis for entering deal information into their own system if needed.

  • Buyers or Suppliers that have integrated using the API can automatically pull updates into their own system or push changes to BidSwitch, which will be reflected in the spreadsheet/UI i.e. API updates will be reflected in the spreadsheet/UI and vice versa.

  • In addition to syncing deal information, the information in the spreadsheet is used by BidSwitch to ensure that deal trading is conducted as efficiently as possible and/or troubleshoot under-performing deals.

  • The UI provides a single overview where you can view and manage all of your deals trading through BidSwitch.

  • You can monitor Deal Statuses and identify deals that need troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting deals has been improved by allowing you to filter deals by errors or actions needed, as well as improving error messages.

  • Initiating and negotiating deals is also more robustly supported through deal revisions.


Deals Discovery Overview

As part of the BidSwitch Deals Center offering, Deals Discovery allows Suppliers to share their open deals with Buyers connected to BidSwitch, while Buyers can search for shared deals and filter them basing on the data provided by Suppliers. Deals Discovery provides both an API and a User Interface for sharing, managing and troubleshooting deals; the Bulk Management option allows mass uploading/downloading deals.



Deals Discovery is still in development. This document will be updated when more features are implemented. Please contact your BidSwitch account manager or email should you have any questions.