DOOH Object

The presence of this object in a request signals that it is for Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) inventory, in such cases the following applies.

  • You should use the site or app object to pass the publisher ID.

  • A value is not expected in device.ip or device.ipv6, making that field optional

DOOH Object Properties






Expected number of people reached by the ad opportunity, e.g. 10.5



The impmultiply field is designed to be used when calculating the billable media cost by the Buyer and on the invoice. It should not be used to multiply the bid price in the bid response. Suppliers should only receive a bid price based on CPM values.

For example, if the Buyer wins 3000 bids at a clearing price of $1.50 CPM and impmultiply=4 each, then the invoiced amount is $18 (1.50 / 1000 * 4 * 3000).


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Suppliers should make sure their Buyers are basing any billing calculations on the same multiplier and/or rounding to the same number of decimal places.