Protocol Release Notes

19th September 2022

Initial release BidSwitch Protocol 5.7 to support Open RTB 2.6.


Two new fields in this version of the Open RTB protocol require BidSwitch and its partners to align on their understanding of how they should work when used in real trading.

  • The video.mincpmpersec, this sets the minimum CPM per second as the price floor for the “dynamic” portion of a video ad pod, relative to the duration of bids an advertiser may submit. We need to come to a common understanding of how this should be calculated so that bid and bidfloor processing expectations are the same for all partners. See the Video Object section for details.

  • The format object introduces ratios with hration and wratio, see the Format Object section for full details. BidSwitch offers size targeting as part of BidSwitch Targeting Groups but ratios are not accounted for this in this yet. If you intend to use ratios, please speak with you Technical Account Manager so we can align on expected usage of this field.