Deals Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Deal Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string

Deal ID, for example, "AA-1234" Note: Do not use any of the following symbols in the Deal ID, as doing so will result in request invalidation:

, # % $ @ * & ? ! ` ~ " ' / \ | ( ) { } [ ]+ = ^ :

wseat* array of strings

Array of Buyer seats allowed to bid on this Direct Deal, for example, [58, 99]. If present, the allowed seat IDs may be supplied using the BidSwitch or Supplier taxonomy.

  • The BidSwitch taxonomy uses the Buyer ID as the single seat ID value.
  • The seat in the Supplier taxonomy may represent the whole Buyer or some entity on the Buyer side (e.g. agency)
  • A bid request may contain multiple seat IDs in the Supplier taxonomy.
  • The bid response should contain the appropriate seat value corresponding to one of values of the wseat field, see the Seat Bid Object section.
bidfloor* float Deal price in CPM. If it’s a fixed price deal as set using = 3 then this field sets the the exact price of the deal, otherwise this is the bid floor of the deal, for example, 1.3
bidfloorcur* string Bid floor currency specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes, for example, "USD"
at* integer

Auction type.

  • 1 for first price auction.
  • 2 for second price auction.
  • 3 for fixed price deal.

Deals Object Example