Supplier Bid Request

This is the top level object that is sent by the Supplier to BidSwitch. Each bid request sent should contain the following fields.


  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.
  • While individually none of the following fields are required, one of them is required to be in each bid request: banner, video, audio, or native.
  • While individually neither of the following fields is required, one of them must be in the request: site, app.
Bid Request Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string Unique ID of the bid request, for example, "b5ba5ed2-547e-4e86-8a84-34a440dad6db"
imp array of objects Array of objects representing the impressions offered, for more information, see the Impression Object section.
device object Device object with details about the device to which the impression will be delivered, for more information, see the Device Object Properties section.
user* object User Object which describes the user, for more information, see the User Object section.
tmax* integer Maximum time in milliseconds the exchange allows for bids to be received to avoid timeout, including internet latency, for example, 120.
cur* array of strings Array of allowed currencies for bids on this bid request using ISO-4217 alpha codes, for example, ["USD", "EUR"]. The default is ["USD"].
at* integer

Auction type, the default value is 2.

  • 1: the first price auction.
  • 2: the second price auction.
source* object Indicates the entity responsible for the final impression sale decision.
site* object The Site Object describing the site. Either Site or App must be present.
app* object The App Object describing the mobile application. Either Site or App must be present.
bcat* array of strings Blocked Advertiser Categories, using the IAB taxonomy, and extended with additional sensitive categories listed in the Sensitive Categories and Rich Media section. Creatives belonging to at least one of the listed categories are not permitted for bidding in the current bid request, for example ["IAB10-1", "IAB25", "BSW3"]
badv* array of strings Array of strings of blocked top-level domains of advertisers, for example, ["", ""]
wseat* array of strings

An array of Buyer seats allowed to bid on this auction, for example [58, 61, 99]. If this field is present, the specified seat IDs may be supplied using BidSwitch or Supplier taxonomy.

A bid request may contain multiple seat IDs using the Supplier taxonomy.

allimps* integer

A flag to indicate if the Supplier can verify that the impressions offered represent all of the impressions available in context (e.g., all on the web page, all video spots such as pre/mid/post roll) to support road-blocking.

  • 0 = no or unknown
  • 1 = yes, the impressions offered represent all that are available.
regs* object A regulations object that specifies any industry, legal, or governmental regulations in force for this request, for more information, see the Regulation Object section.
ext* object Ext Object used for Supplier specific properties, for more information, see the Ext Object section.