In-App User Optimization

Buyers can optimise their BidStream by putting users into groups, as explained in the SmartSwitch User Optimization section. This enables BidSwitch to send more traffic from users marked as valuable to Buyers. To sync app users with the most appropriate user group, the Buyer makes a call to the BidSwitch Mobile-Users Sync endpoint and using the appropriate URL parameters assigns a user to their group. This updates user group records immediately.

Real-time User-Group Syncing

To sync a particular app user with a user group, the Buyer should make a call to the BidSwitch Mobile-Users Sync endpoint. You can do this from within the app, or using a server-to-server call.

  • If making the call from within the app, use the following endpoint http(s):// and provide the required parameters.
  • If using a server-to-server call, the endpoint domain is region specific:
    • US West:
    • US East:
    • EU:
    • APAC:
App-User Sync URL Parameters
Value Type Description
dsp_id string The ID assigned to the Buyer by BidSwitch, for example, 123.
ifa string The native identifier for advertisers. An ID assigned by the device or browser for use as an advertising identifier, for example Apple’s IDFA or Android’s Advertising ID.
skey string Your security key. Each Buyer is issued a security key to verify their sync call. Without this key, you cannot change the user group of a user record already in BidSwitch’s storage. To request a key, contact
user_group integer

Sets the user group with which to sync this user. The valid values for user groups are 0 - 5.

  • 0: Unwanted users.
  • 1: Regular users. No explicit interest in receiving ad requests.
  • 2 - 5: Valuable users: The Buyer wants to receive as many ad requests as possible from these users.
# Call URL Syntax

# Example HTTP Sync call

#Example HTTPS Sync call

# Example Server to Server Sync call