Flexible Fee Assignment on BidSwitch

BidSwitch Supply Partners have the option to accept the BidSwitch Trading Fee on behalf of BidSwitch Demand Partners (new or already connected). Historically, BidSwitch Trading Fees have only been assigned to our Buyers — but as part of our ongoing effort to provide BidSwitch partners with more flexibility and control — BidSwitch is pleased to offer this neutral alternative, in order to help our partners stay competitive in an ever-changing ecosystem. Supply Partners adopting the Flexible Fee Assignment option will also be set up to take advantage of future supply-side focused features.

To start, Flexible Fee Assignment simply means Supply Partners having the option to accept and pay the BidSwitch Trading Fee on behalf of both new and already connected Demand Partners.

BidSwitch Trading Fee Adoption Benefits (For Supply Partners)

Flexible Billing Models

Several billing options are now be available, so that partners can elect to have their fee applied using bid reduction or via monthly invoice in order to best support each partner’s preferred practices.

Operational Ease for Private Deals / PMP Trading

Historically, BidSwitch Trading Fees have sat with DSPs, making it difficult for SSPs to accurately factor this fee into Private Deals and potentially causing issues with Private Deals not clearing floors. When BidSwitch Trading Fees sit with SSPs rather than DSPs, Private Deals trading occurs seamlessly (inventory always clears the floor).