Investigating a Discrepancy or Invoice

The BidSwitch Support team closely monitors your numbers against ours to ensure there are no discrepancies above the threshold stated in our agreement. If a discrepancy starts to appear, our team will alert you. In the eventuality that you are the first to notice one, please review the process below to correctly report a discrepancy or dispute an invoice amount.

Reporting Setup & Data Availability

In order to facilitate discrepancy investigations, we require daily reports to be sent to our Support team. If reports are not provided, BidSwitch reserves the right to halt any discrepancy investigations until a report for the period in question is made available.


Without reports being available, an investigation will have to rely on BidSwitch log data. BidSwitch log data is only available for 30 days, thus any delays in providing reporting will directly limit the potential scope of investigations due to lack of available data.

Automated reports can be set up using our API, and once submitted their availability is not time limited, we highly recommend this option. in the event that you need to send us reports manually, the Opening an Discrepancy Investigation section details the required fields. Additional details on setting up reporting using our API can be found here:

Opening an Discrepancy Investigation

If you believe that a discrepancy is occurring or has occurred, please notify us as soon as possible and report it following this process:

  • Send an email detailing the discrepancy to your Account Manager and include (cc) Outline the following information in the email:

    • A detailed description of the exact problem

    • The dates of the disputed activity (include a note if you believe the issue to be ongoing)

    • The exact dollar amount(s) you are disputing

    • A list of partner(s) in question

    • A report (in UTC if possible) by day for impressions and spend by partner, device, content type, publisher, campaign (landing page domain) and any other important factors

    • The period of time for which your data log is stored and the last date for which we can access data to resolve the issue

  • Upon receipt of this email, BidSwitch will begin an investigation and work to find a solution. We will provide updates during the investigation as well as a conclusion/resolution to the discrepancy.

Disputing an Invoice Amount

In the event of any invoice discrepancies, please notify BidSwitch within 15 days of discovering the problem or the date of the invoice (whichever occurs sooner). Due to log data availability, BidSwitch reserves the right to decline investigating any discrepancies dating back further than 30 days from the date of the issue.