App Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

App Object Properties
Value Type Description
publisher object Publisher object, for more information, see the Publisher Object section.
id* string The application ID.
name* string Application name, for example, "Test App"
domain* string The domain of the app, for example, ""
cat* array of strings Array of IAB content categories for the publisher site, for example, ["IAB1", "IAB2- 3"]. Based on the IAB taxonomy, and extended with additional sensitive categories listed in the Sensitive Categories and Rich Media section.
bundle* string Application bundle or package name, for example, "com.example.mygame"
paid* integer

Specifies if the App is a free or paid version.

  • 0 = The app is free,
  • 1 = The app is a paid version.
storeurl* string App store’s URL for the mobile application, for example ""
ver* string Application version, for example "1.1"
privacypolicy* integer

Indicates if the app has a privacy policy.

  • 0 = No
  • 1 = Yes.