BidSwitch and CCPA

BidSwitch supports the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by using the IAB’s CCPA framework to allow Publishers and Suppliers (SSPs) to pass the user’s CCPA signal to Buyers indicating whether they have “opted-out” or “opted-in” to allowing their data to be sold. This is supported for each bid request or cookie sync call.

The details of what actions should be followed in the event of user “opt-out” or “opt-in” can be found in the IAB’s compliance framework document, linked to from their Compliance Framework Page

Bid Requests

Passing the CCPA US Privacy signal in Bid Requests uses the same specification for both Suppliers and Buyers, and you can read the respective details for each in the following sections:

  • Suppliers send BidSwitch the signal in the regs.ext.us_privacy request field, see the Regulation Object for more details.

  • Buyers receive the regs.ext.us_privacy field from BidSwitch, see the Regs Object section for more details.

URL Macro Usage

The US Privacy URL parameter can be used to pass the CCPA Privacy signal when cookie syncing or with impression calls. You can read more about it in the IAB US Privacy String specification.

Imp URLs

Buyers can include the US Privacy macro in their imp urls, e.g. &us_privacy=${US_PRIVACY} and Suppliers should fill this macro with the CCPA signal. Though this is not currently a requirement, as opposed to GDPR TCF 2.0 where consent is mandatory for all browser calls.


The Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA) is a contract which outlines a framework for complying with CCPA legislation, to which all signatories bind themselves. The main stipulation of this contract is that should a bid request be marked as falling within LSPA governance, then any signatory receiving it should only pass it to other LSPA signatories and/or their sub-providers. Complete details of this agreements can be found in the IAB’s LSPA Agreement document.

As BidSwitch is a signatory to this agreement,in the event that BidSwitch receives a request from a Supplier which falls within the LSPA, it will only be sent to the Buyers that are on the official Signatory Identification List.