DOOH Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

DOOH Object Properties
Value Type Description
publisher object Publisher object, for more information, see the Publisher Object section.
audience* float Expected number of people reached by the ad opportunity, e.g. 10.5
impmultiply* float

The impmultiply field is designed to be used when calculating the billable media cost by the Buyer and on the invoice. It should not be used to multiply the bid price in the bid response.

For example, if the Buyer wins 3000 bids at a clearing price of $1.50 CPM and impmultiply=4 each, then the invoiced amount is $18 (1.50 / 1000 * 4 * 3000).

The default value is 1


Buyers should not use either the audience or impmultiply values when calculating their bid response. You should only return a bid price based on the usual CPM calculations.

Buyers should also ensure that their Suppliers are basing any billing calculation on the same multiple. Instead of the impmultiply value, some Suppliers base billing on the VAST Total Impressions Macro