Ext Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Ext Object Properties
Value Type Description
ssp string

The Supplier identification string, for example "rubicon".

Note: If "bsw_deal_feed" is given as the Supplier, then it signifies that it is coming from the BidSwitch Deals Feed. The actual Supplier will be specified in the ext.media_src field.

media_src string

The Supplier identification string, for example "rubicon".

  • This field is used to pass the Supplier name when the Bid Request comes from the BidSwitch Deals Feed
  • For standard bid traffic, this will contain the same value as ext.ssp
ads_txt* object Contains the ads.txt information about the Supplier, see the ads.txt Object and BidSwitch and Ads.txt sections for more details.
google* object Google Object. This field is optional and is used only in Google AdX bid requests.
google_query_id* string

This represents a unique ID for the overall query. In the event that there are multiple call-outs for a query, all call-out requests for that query will contain the same google_query_id, see more here: https://developers.google.com/authorized-buyers/rtb/openrtb-guide#bidrequestext

It is highly recommended to include this ID if you are selling Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EDBA) sourced inventory through BidSwitch to Google DV360.

gumgum* object Gumgum Object. This field is optional and is used only in Gumgum bid requests.
rubicon* object Rubicon Object. This field is optional and is used only in Rubicon bid requests.
adtruth* object Adtruth Object. This field is optional and is present if the corresponding data is provided by the Supplier.
tv* object TV Object describing the programmatic TV. One of these objects should be present in the request: site, app, ext.tv, or ext.dooh.
dooh* object DOOH Object describing the Digital Out Of Home inventory. One of these objects should be present in the request: site, app, ext.tv, or ext.dooh.
clktrkrq* integer 1 for bid requests that require click tracking macro in the bid response, 0 otherwise.
s2s_nurl* integer

Deprecated since version 5.2: replaced by imp.ext.s2s_nurl, see Impression Ext

1 indicates a bid request that only uses a server-to-server win notification for won auctions. This has the following implications for the ${AUCTION_PRICE} macro:

  • The adm field cannot contain the ${AUCTION_PRICE}. For v5.1 and v5.2 the nurl field should contain the macro.
  • As of v5.2, the burl field should contain the ${AUCTION_PRICE}
  • BidSwitch expects that nurl calls for Bid Requests with s2s_nurl set to 1 should return a HTTP status 200, 204, or 30x, see the Server-to-Server (s2s) Calls section for more information.

See the 5.x Updating Overview and burl Field Overview sections for more information.

is_secure* integer

0 for non-secure pages; 1 for secure pages. Creatives for secure pages should be SSL-compliant.

Deprecated since version 2.6: Use imp.secure instead, see Impression Object.

wt* float

The SmartSwitch bid weight. This field shows the total number of bid requests with the same SmartSwitch Score that this Bid Request represents.

This number can be used to calculate the amount of traffic of this type that would be received if SmartSwitch were turned off. Any bid request that you receive with this weight (X) is highly likely to be sent X times without SmartSwitch filtering. See the SmartSwitch Bid Request Weight section for more details.

When this field value equals 1, there are no unsent bid requests with a matching score.

ads.txt Object

Ads.txt Object Properties
Value Type Description
status int

Indicates what information the ads.txt file contained regarding this Suppliers selling relationship with the publisher:

  • 1 = direct
  • 2 = reseller
  • 3 = unauthorized
auth_id* string Passes the TAG ID if present in the ads.txt file, e.g. 8765jfhfg09j
pub_id string

The unmodified ssp_publisher-id for example, 123456789

Note: In the standard Publisher object BidSwitch passes the publisher.id field including the SSP prefix, e.g. aol_123456789, see the Publisher Object for more details


Google Object

Google Object Properties
Value Type Description
detected_vertical* array of objects List of detected vertical values as defined by Google, see Detected_vertical Object.

Detected_vertical Object

Detected Vertical Object Properties
Value Type Description
id integer The vertical id as defined by AdX docs, for example, 1014
weight float Weight for this vertical, in the (0.0, 1.0] range. More relevant verticals have higher weights, for example, 1.0

Adtruth Object

Adtruth Object Properties
Value Type Description
tdl_millis* int64 Time Difference Linking (TDL), which allows for differentiation between similarly configured devices that might share a DeviceInsight identifier, for example, 19534993
RECIPE VERSION_x string The specific AdTruth device identification recipe version and the corresponding DeviceInsight identifier. There might be multiple AdTruth recipe versions, for example, "WEB_APP_BRIDGE_4_0":"4FD87B97751E9C305FD2AF1AA2D3"

Gumgum Object

Gumgum Object Properties
Value Type Description
cat array of string Site or application category in Gumgum taxonomy, for example, ["GGE23-1", "GGE22"]. The full taxonomy can be found in this Google doc

Rubicon Object

Rubicon Object Properties
Value Type Description
ast int

Rubicon Project Auction SubType, e.g. 401, see the Rubicon Spec for more details.

  • 201 Modified First Price
  • 401 Modified Second Price