Site Object


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Site Object Properties
Value Type Description
publisher object Publisher object, for more information, see the Publisher Object section.
id* string An exchange specific identifier comprised of the Supplier’s exchange name, and the target site ID appended following an underscore. For example, if a Supplier such as Rubicon sends a bid request for site ID "123", the field becomes "rubicon_123"
name* string Site name (may be masked by publisher request), for example, "Test Site"
domain* string Domain of the site, used for advertiser side blocking. ""
cat* array of strings Array of IAB content categories for the site. ["IAB1", "IAB2-3"]
page* string URL of the page where the impression will be shown. ""
ref* string Referrer URL that caused navigation to the current page, for example, ""
privacypolicy* integer

Indicates if the site has a privacy policy.

  • 0 = No
  • 1 = Yes.
mobile* integer

Mobile-optimized signal.

  • 0 = No
  • 1 = Yes.

Site Object Example

      "name":"Site ABCD",
         "name":"Publisher A"

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