Deals API for Buyers

The BidSwitch Deals API integrates with Deal Management APIs of Suppliers that are connected to BidSwitch, allowing BidSwitch connected Buyers to receive private or open deals setup details through one API integration.

BidSwitch parses submitted Deals information from various Suppliers and routes the appropriate Deals to you. From our API, you can pull the most up to date Deals data into your own Deals Management Platform and present them to the Advertiser or Agencies that use your systems. The purpose of such an integration is to improve the trading volume and execution of deals by ensuring details are always correct and actual, so that at time of delivery there should be no technical impediments to prevent the deal from running successfully.

Available API Versions

Usage Overview

Deals API for Buyers Diagram

To integrate with this API, use the following steps.

  1. Get your API Access Token, which will be passed in the request header. If you do not have an API token or user account, use the steps outlined in the API Authorization section. If you have Read Only permissions you may only user GET queries. Request an API Account to access all API methods.

  2. Retrieve or update deal details from the relevant API depending on your integration, see either the V1 Deals API for Buyers or dpa-dsps-v2 section.

  3. When you push deal updates, BidSwitch makes these available to your partner Suppliers also using the API. The details are also made available in spreadsheet format for partners not using an API.

  4. Your system should pull regularly from the Deals API to get updates from Suppliers.


For complete details of changes listed here, see either the V1 Deals API for Buyers or dpa-dsps-v2 section. You should consider changes to field functionality or definitions applicable to both API versions unless explicitly stated.


  • API V2 introduced with the concept of managing different active revisions of a deal, see the dpa-dsps-v2 section for details


  • Introduced deals[].revision_id to track the number of revisions a deal has been through, see the V1 Deals API for Buyers section for more details


  • rejected added as a possible deal status, see the field description for details.


  • Added dsp_note, see the field description for details.


  • inventory_source replaced publisher_id as a field name

  • Introduced inventory_source validation, see the field description for validation details.

  • agencies replaced buyers as a field name


  • Added support for Native inventory


  • Added the ssp_bid_request_name field.


  • Introduced deal_id validation, see the field description for validation details.


Initial Release