Case Studies & Fact Sheets

Case Studies & Research Papers

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) Primer
The BidSwitch DOOH Primer paper gives a thorough overview of the DOOH marketplace and how BroadSign offers access to these opportunities through BidSwitch.
Programmatic Technology Ecosystem Research Study - September 2016
The Fragmentation vs. Consolidation in the Programmatic Technology Ecosystem – in partnership with ExchangeWire is a research paper that presents a snapshot of the industry (September 2016), and polls industry insiders for their predictions about its future direction.
The BidSwitch Criteo Partnership
The Power of the BidSwitch Criteo Partnership case study details how Criteo’s need to quickly expand inventory grew into a strategic and value-driven relationship.
Working with DBM
Information about the BidSwitch and DoubleClick Bid Manager by Google partnership.

Fact Sheets

Buyer Cookie Matching
The Buyer Cookie Matching Fact Sheet explains how the cookie syncing process works for Buyers.
Disputing a Discrepancy for Buyers
The attached PDF outlines the Discrepancy Resolution process for Buyers.
Impression Tracking and Delivery
The Impression Tracking and Delivery fact sheet outlines how it works when using BidSwitch Protocol versions v5.x or v4.x
Minimum Monthly Fee FAQ
As of May 1st, 2019, BidSwitch introduced a minimum fee for Buyers, for more information see the Minimum Fee FAQ
Private Deals
The Deal ID & Private Marketplace Fact Sheet details how BidSwitch facilitates and streamlines the private deal process between Buyers and Suppliers.
Private Marketplace Playbook
The Private Marketplace Playbook outlines how to best utilize BidSwitch and its connected partners to get the most out of private deals.
Seat Mapping
The Buyer/Agency Seat Mapping fact sheet outlines how seat mapping works.
Supply Partner Criteria
The SUPPLY Partner Selection Criteria & Process details the criteria suppliers need to meet in order to get into the BidSwitch supply integration process.
Supplier Connect Mode Benefits
The Connect Mode Trading Support for Supply Partners paper outlines the advantages of supporting connect mode trading.


SmartSwitch and BidStream Optimisation
The SmartSwitch; Overcoming Limited BidStream Listening case study explains how SmartSwitch increases the number of bids considered valuable to a Buyer being received within their QPS limit.
SmartSwitch User Groups
The SmartSwitch User Group Optimization Fact Sheet explains how Buyers can optimize their bid stream with user groups.
The SmartSwitch FAQ
This SmartSwitch FAQ answers the most common questions.

Bid Enrichment

Bid Enrichment with Experian
The Introducing Bid Enrichment on BidSwitch paper explains how valuable data is introduced into the programmatic ecosystem using existing RTB pipes.