Dish Networks

Dish Networks is the first known TV provider with access to inventory programmatically and is offering its supply exclusively through BidSwitch at this time. Given that it is a TV provider, Dish operates significantly differently from the standard programmatic supply partners on BidSwitch, and the following sections outline the main differences.

What’s Different About It?

  • Dish operates in linear addressable TV. It does not have an OTT offering.

  • Trading is currently available in either connect or media mode, see the Trading Modes and Fees for more details.

  • Non-real time ad delivery, and other special workflows which are not the norm in programmatic advertising.

  • Win notices do not indicate impression delivery.

  • Dish has a TV specific Creative Approval (CA) process. The BidSwitch Creative Approval Pre-submitting API allows you to submit Creatives for approval, and the Creative Approval Reporting API lets you check the status of these Creatives.

Buyer Workflow

This workflow assumes that the Buyer has already requested and enabled Dish as a supplier in BidSwitch, has already negotiated a contract with Dish, and can buy their inventory.

  1. The Buyer stores the VAST asset on their CDN, and notes the URL used to access the VAST asset.

  2. The Buyer uses the Creative Approval Pre-submitting API to submit the creative for approval.

  3. Buyers receive standard bid requests and should respond with the BidSwitch video bid response type, see the Video Example section for details.

    • Buyers must bid on and win more than 40k auctions over a week to be eligible to serve ads.

  4. For every auction won, a win notification will be sent. Note: This is not indicative of serving an impression.

  5. Within 20 minutes of the auction, BidSwitch will fire all Buyer VAST events. These are simulated events for Buyer reporting purposes, they do not indicate an impression being served.

  6. Once a Buyer wins more than 40K unique household IDs for 1 week their ad will be served on Dish inventory.

  7. Serving of the ad will actually be 7 - 10 days after auction is won.

  8. Reporting will be available via Rentrak (aka comScore) within 14 days after the ad is shown.

    • Reporting will be fed back into BidSwitch reporting within 2 days of it showing in Rentrak.

    • Reporting may only be considered complete for a month when 20 days have elapsed since the end of the month.

  9. The Buyer will receive an invoice approximately 30 days after media has been shown.

Reporting Wins and Impressions

  • Buyers will have same-day reporting available to them through their myBidSwitch UI, though this data is only reflective of auctions won and the costs associated with them.

    • BidSwitch records an auction win as an impression, even though the ad is not guaranteed to be served, and will not be served for 1-2 weeks after the auction win.

  • The impressions and costs data shown to Buyers in their Media Report is to be used for guidance when checking data discrepancy between the Buyer and BidSwitch.

Financial Reporting

  • Financial data for Buyers (Invoice Reporting) will be accurate, but delayed by approximately 3 weeks from the time of winning the auction. Note: Until this data has been pulled from Rentrak, all financial data will show 0 for the trading pair in the myBidSwitch UI.

  • Buyer Finance reporting will use the day when the reporting data was recorded as the date when the ad was served, and billing will be based upon this date.

Reporting Example 1

BuyerX wins a Dish auction on Sept. 26th, the ad is served on October 10th with Rentrak reporting it on Oct. 17th.

  • BidSwitch logs the impression and cost data on Sept. 26th, and delivers it to the Buyer using Media reporting. Finance reporting will be blank.

  • Rentrak reports the event on October 17, and BidSwitch pulls this data on Oct. 18th or 19th into the Buyer finance report.

  • BidSwitch will send an invoice to the Buyer on Nov. 3rd, approximately.

Reporting Example 2

BuyerX wins a Dish auction on September 26th, but never delivers the ad because they do not win more than 40k auctions in that week.

  • BidSwitch will log impression and cost data on Sept. 26th, and deliver it to the Buyer using Media reporting. Finance reporting will be blank.

  • Rentrak will not report any data for this as no ads were served.

  • No invoice will be sent to the Buyer.

Bid Request Details

  • Dish sends custom categories for demographics and for program type, see the Dish Demographic Categories and Dish Program Types sections for more details.

    • Demographic info is accurate for the set-top box, so can be viewed as household-level information.

    • Multiple program types may be declared, and a propensity score is provided. The propensity score should be viewed by Buyers as the likelihood that the household will watch that program type.

  • All times are EST.

  • Device type: 6 (connected device) is always used.

  • The Dish SSP ID on BidSwitch is dish.

  • TV Bid Request JSON Example.

Bid Response Details

Buyers use the standard BidSwitch video response, and must include the Dish-approved VAST URL in the response, see the Video Bid Response Example, or the TV Bid Response Example sections for an example.

Dish FAQ

  • Deal ID Support: Yes

  • Creative Approval: Yes, using the Buyer UI

  • wseat support: Yes

  • Media Type Supported: Video

  • Inventory Type: TV

  • Currency: USD $ only

  • Floor Declared in Bid Request: Yes, hard floor

  • Loss Notifications: Not supported yet

Prospective Buyers

  • Prospective Buyers should contact their BidSwitch Demand Manager (DM) to get connected to Dish.

  • For technical information, contact