Request Extension

The ext contains a number of fields required for trading but which are not in the OpenRTB IAB spec and thus supported as extensions.

Request extension Object Properties
Value Type Description
ssp string (Required) The Supplier identification string, for example "rubicon".
at string

(Recommended) Passes additional auction types used by some Suppliers which fall outside those covered in the Open RTB specification.

  • 0 Indicates that the Supplier did not actually declare an auction type in their request, even though the default is 2 as defined by Open RTB.
  • 501 rubicon AST, Modified First Price
  • 502 rubicon AST, Modified Second Price
ads_txt object (Recommended) Contains the ads.txt information about the Supplier, see the Ads.txt Object and BidSwitch and Ads.txt sections for more details.
google object This field is optional and is used only in Google AdX bid requests, see Google Object.
wt float

The SmartSwitch bid weight. This field shows the total number of bid requests with the same SmartSwitch Score that this Bid Request represents.

This number can be used to calculate the amount of traffic of this type that would be received if SmartSwitch were turned off. Any bid request that you receive with this weight (X) is highly likely to be sent X times without SmartSwitch filtering. See the SmartSwitch Bid Request Weight section for more details.

When this field value equals 1, there are no unsent bid requests with a matching score.

Ads.txt Object

The ext.ads_txt object will contain the verified details of the Supplier and Publisher trading relationship.

Ads.txt Object Properties
Value Type Description
status int

(Required) Indicates what information the ads.txt file contained regarding this Suppliers selling relationship with the publisher:

  • 1 = direct
  • 2 = reseller
  • 3 = unauthorized
auth_id string Passes the TAG ID if present in the ads.txt file, e.g. "8765jfhfg09j"
pub_id string

(Required) The unmodified publisher ID at that Supplier e.g., "123456789"

Note: In the standard Publisher object, BidSwitch passes the field including the SSP prefix, e.g. aol_123456789, see the Publisher Object for more details

Google Object

Google Object Properties
Value Type Description
detected_vertical* array of objects List of detected vertical values as defined by Google, see Detected_vertical Object

Detected_vertical Object

Detected Vertical Object Properties
Value Type Description
id integer The vertical ID as defined by AdX docs, for example, 1014. See their relevant information here;
weight float Weight for this vertical, in the (0.0, 1.0) range. More relevant verticals have higher weights, for example, 1.0