Publisher Object

Publisher Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string

(Recommended) An exchange specific identifier comprised of the the Supplier exchange name, and the publisher ID appended following an underscore. For example, if a Supplier such as Rubicon sends the publisher ID "25", then the value of the field becomes rubicon_25.

For Google AdX bid requests, the Google Seller network ID is used.

name string Publisher name, for example "AAP"
cat array of string Array of content categories for the publisher, based on the cattax, e.g ["IAB1", "IAB2-3"]
cattax int

The taxonomy in use for the cat attributes.

  • 1 IAB Content Category Taxonomy 1.0.
  • 2 IAB Content Category Taxonomy 2.0:
  • 3 IAB Ad Product Taxonomy 1.0.

Publisher JSON Example