Geo Context

The information provided in the Geo Object is based on MaxMind database, except latitude and longitude values.

Geo Object Properties
Value Type Description
type integer

Source of location data as defined by OpenRTB, for example, 1

  • 1 GPS/Location Services
  • 2 IP Address
  • 3 User Provided (e.g., registration data)
lat float Latitude from -90 to 90. South is negative, for example, 52.35
lon float Longitude from -180 to 180. West is negative, for example, 4.9167
country string Country using ISO-3166-1 Alpha-2, for example "NL". Note: alpha-3 codes may be encountered and vendors are encouraged to be tolerant of them
region string Region using ISO-3166-2 region codes.
city string City name as provided by MaxMind, for example, "Alkmaar"
zip string Zip/postal code, for example, "90210"
utcoffset integer Local time as the number +/- of minutes from UTC, for example, -240

Geo Object Example


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