DOOH Context

This object is used to define an ad supported digital out-of-home (DOOH) experience such as a public kiosk or digital billboard. As a derived class, a Dooh object inherits all DistributionChannel attributes and adds those defined below.


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

DOOH Object Properties
Value Type Description
id str (Recommended) The ID of the DOOH provider.
pub object Publisher object, for more information see the Publisher Object section.
fixed* int Indicates whether the DOOH placement is in a fixed location (e.g., kiosk, billboard, elevator) or is movable (e.g., taxi), where 1 = fixed and 2 = movable.
etime* int The exposure time in seconds per view that the creative will be displayed before refreshing to the next creative.


            "name":"Example Publisher, Inc.",

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