Sensitive Categories and Rich Media

For greater coverage of sensitive categories BidSwitch extends the standard IAB list with additional categories. These categories may be used in the following fields. Whichever additional category applies for a given request should be specified using the cattax field where appropriate.

Sensitive Categories Fields
Bid Requests Bid Response
  • context.restrictions.bcat
  • context.restrictions.addcat.bcat
BidSwitch Sensitive Categories
ID Category
BSW1 Alcohol
BSW2 Gambling
BSW3 Tobacco and smoking
BSW4 Firearms and weapons
BSW5 Sexual & Reproductive Health
BSW6 Ringtones & Downloadable
BSW7 Drugs & Supplements
BSW8 Get Rich Quick
BSW9 Free Gifts, Quizzes, & Surveys
BSW10 Nudity
BSW11 Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification

Supported Rich Media Frameworks

Rich Media Framework information will be sent to Buyers using the imp.iframebuster field in bid requests, see the Impression Object section for more information.

Supported Rich Media Frameworks
Description Value
Any framework is accepted ALL
Adcentric ac
Adinterax ad
Adform af
Atlas at
Apivid av
DoubleClick dc
Eyeblaster eb
EyeReturn er
EyeWonder ew
Flashtalking ft
Klipmart km
Kpsule ks
MediaMind mm
Mediaplex mp
Piximedia pm
PointRoll pr
Pictela pt
Rockabox rb
Smart Adserver sa
Silence Media sm
Unicast ui
Undertone ut
Viewpoint vp
Weborama wo