Seat Bid Object

Formally there can be multiple bids within the seatbid object for two reasons: t here can be several slots in each bid request and there can be more than one bid for a single slot. BidSwitch allows no more than two bids for a single ad slot. Bids belonging to the same seat must be in the same array, i.e. all values must be unique per response.

Seat Bid Object Properties





array of objects

(Required) Array of Bid Objects, see Bid Object. The maximum number of bid objects per single bid request ad slot is two.



For offers with multiple items, this flag indicates if the bidder is willing to accept wins on a subset of bids of requires the full group as a package, where:

  • 0 = Individual wins accepts

  • 1 = package win or loss only



ID of the bidder seat on whose behalf this bid is made. The value should match one of the values supplied in the wseat field of the bid request.

Note: REQUIRED if the wseat field is present in the bid request. For example, "34"

Seat Bid JSON Example