Bid Object

Each bid object relates to an Multiple bids can relate to the same item.

Bid Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string A bidder generated ID for the bid object, used for tracking and debugging purposes, for example 3.
item string (Required) The ID of the request item object,, to which this bid response applies, for example "1"
deal string

Reference to the from the bid request, if this bid pertains to a private or open deal, for example, "AA-1234".

If responding to an open or private deal, it is strongly recommended to always reply with the matching request

price float (Required) The bid price as a float value, expressed as CPM. All prices assumed to be in USD if the cur parameter is omitted, for example 1.23
cid* string Campaign ID or similar that is used by the Buyer to track and organize their campaigns, for example, "102"
burl string

(Required) Specifies the billing notice URL called by BidSwitch using a server-to-server call when BidSwitch records a billable impression, e.g.


  • The burl is always a Server-to-Server(s2s) notification
  • This field should contain the win price macro
  • BidSwitch expects that burl calls should return a HTTP status 200, 204, or 30x
  • You can respond with a non-secure burl for secure bid requests
mid string ID to enable media to be specified by reference if previously uploaded to the exchange rather than including it by value in the domain objects.
macro array of objects An array of macro objects that enable bid specific values to be substituted into markup; especially useful for previously uploaded media referenced using the mid field. For more details see the Bid Media Macro object
media objects Used to hold the ad object, see the Bid Media Ad object for more details.
ext* object This field may be required under certain circumstances, see Bid Extension.

Bid Extension

Bid Extension Properties
Value Type Description
at1* int

Indicates that the Buyer wishes their bid to be used in the Supplier 1st price auction before being passed to any upstream auction e.g. header bidding. This field currently only takes the following value:

  • 1 indicates that the field should be included in the first-price auction before being passed further upstream
  • This field is only valid with the following Supplier: Nexage (a.k.a Millennial Media in the myBidSwitch UI)
asid* string Required only for Microad premium inventor responses. If you are using a 3rd party ad server you must specify which one, for example, "Sizmek/Sizmek". See the MicroAd 3PAS List section for more information
country* string Required only for Microad premium inventory responses and uses ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 country codes, for example JPN. Specifies the target country of the Ad campaign. If you have multiple GEO targets, set the main one here.
advertiser_name* string

The name of the advertiser serving the creative, for example, "Coca-Cola"

  • REQUIRED in bid responses to Ströer (AdScale), Centro, and BRX.
  • Recommended in responses to YieldOne bids.
agency_name* string

The name of the agency representing the advertiser, for example, "CCA"

REQUIRED in bids responses to Ströer (AdScale) bids.

agency_id* string ID of the agency representing the advertiser, for example, “123”

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