Display Event Trackers

The seated.bid.media.ad.display.event object specifies a type of event that the advertiser or buying platform wants to track along with the information required to do so.

Event Object Properties
Value Type Description
url str

(Required) The URL of the tracking pixel or JavaScript tag, respectively.

Required for Image-Pixel or JavaScript methods.

type integer

(Required) Type of supported ad tracking event. The following types refer to the actual event, timing, etc.; not the method of firing. Scripts that are performing measurement should be deployed at the “loaded” event.

  • 1 loaded: Delivered as a part of the creative markup. Creative may be pre-cached or pre-loaded; prior to initial rendering.
  • 2 impression: Ad impression per IAB/MRC Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines.
  • 3 viewable-mrc50: Visible impression using MRC definition of 50% in view for 1 second.
  • 4 viewable-mrc100: 100% in view for 1 second (i.e., the GroupM standard).
  • 5 viewable-video50: Visible impression for video using MRC definition of 50% in view for 2 seconds.
method integer

(Required) Array of supported event tracking methods for this event type:

  • 1 Image-Pixel: URL provided will be inserted as a 1x1 pixel at the time of the event.
  • 2 JavaScript: URL provided will be inserted as a JavaScript tag at the time of the event
api array of integers

Event tracking APIs available for use, only relevant for JavaScript method trackers:

  • 1 VPAID 1.0
  • 2 VPAID 2.0
  • 3 MRAID 1.0
  • 4 ORMMA
  • 5 MRAID 2.0
  • 6 MRAID 3.0
  • 7 OMID 1.0
cdata* object Containing key:value pairs of custom data - To be agreed individually with the exchange, for example the account number of the DSP with a tracking company, e.g., {"accountnumber":"123"}
ext* object This object is a placeholder that may contain custom JSON agreed to by the parties to support flexibility beyond the standard defined in this specification

Event Tracker Example