Bid Media Ad

Ad Response Object Properties
Value Type Description
id string

(Required) Creative ID to assist with ad quality checking, for example "abc-3021"

Note: Sometimes a Supplier’s CA Service bans creatives seen in both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) forms, e.g. AppNexus. Therefore it is recommended to have separate IDs for secure and non-secure versions of the same creative, e.g. "cr_123" & "cr_123_ssl"

adomain array of strings (Recommended) Advertiser’s primary or top-level domain for advertiser checking. This can be a list of domains if there is a rotating creative. Note that some Suppliers allow only one domain. To those Suppliers BidSwitch only sends the first domain from the list, for example, [""]
iurl string Sample image URL (without cache busting) for content checking. Note: required for banner bid requests, e.g. ""
cat array of strings

The category of the creative based on the categorisation specified in the cattax field.

REQUIRED in bid responses to BrightRoll SSP (RMX), MoPub, Smaato and YieldOne bids. If the Supplier only accepts one category in the bid response the first array element will be used, for example, ["IAB1"]

cattax int

The taxonomy used for the cat field, the defalt is 2:

  • 1 IAB Content Category Taxonomy 1.0.
  • 2 IAB Content Category Taxonomy 2.0:
  • 3 IAB Ad Product Taxonomy 1.0.
lang string

The Alpha-2 ISO 639-1 code for the creative’s language, for example, "ja". The nonstandard code "xx" may also be used if the creative has no linguistic content (e.g., a banner with just a company logo).

REQUIRED in bid responses to BrightRoll SSP (rmx).

attr array of integers

Creative attributes as defined in the OpenRTB protocol, for example, [1,3]:

  • 1 Audio Ad (Autoplay)
  • 2 Audio Ad (User Initiated)
  • 3 Expandable (Automatic)
  • 4 Expandable (User Initiated - Click)
  • 5 Expandable (User Initiated - Rollover)
  • 6 In-Banner Video Ad (Autoplay)
  • 7 In-Banner Video Ad (User Initiated)
  • 8 Pop (e.g., Over, Under, or Upon Exit)
  • 9 Provocative or Suggestive Imagery
  • 10 Shaky, Flashing, Flickering, Extreme Animation, Smileys
  • 11 Surveys
  • 12 Text Only
  • 13 User Interactive (e.g., Embedded Games)
  • 14 Windows Dialog or Alert Style
  • 15 Has Audio On/Off Button
  • 16 Ad Provides Skip Button (e.g. VPAID-rendered skip button on pre-roll video)
  • 17 Adobe Flash
  • 18 Responsive; Sizeless; Fluid (i.e., creatives that dynamically resize to environment)
  • 500+ Vendor-specific codes.
secure int Flag to indicate if the creative is secure (i.e., uses HTTPS for all assets and markup), where 0 = no, 1 = yes. There is no default and thus if omitted, the secure state is unknown. However, as a practical matter, the safe assumption is to treat unknown as non-secure.
audio* Object (One of Required) see Audio Ad
display* Object (One of Required) see Display Ad
video* Object (One of Required) see Video