Deal Object

This object array contains the details of a deal struck between both parties prior to delivering it through BidSwitch.

Deal Object Properties






(Required) The Deal ID, for example, "AA-1234". Note: Do not use any of the following symbols in the Deal ID, as doing so will result in your request being invalidated:

, # % $ @ * & ? ! ` ~ " ' / \ | ( ) { } [ ]+ = ^ :


array of strings

Array of Buyer seats allowed to bid on this Deal, for example, [58, 99]. If present, the allowed seat IDs may be supplied using the BidSwitch or Supplier taxonomy.

  • The BidSwitch taxonomy uses the Buyer ID as the single seat ID value.

  • The seat in the Supplier taxonomy may represent the whole Buyer or some entity on the Buyer side (e.g. agency)

  • A bid request may contain multiple seat IDs in the Supplier taxonomy.

  • The bid response should contain the appropriate seat value corresponding to one of values of the wseat field, see the Seat Bid Object section.



Deal price in CPM. If it is a fixed price deal ( = 3) then this is the exact price of the deal, otherwise this is the bid floor of the deal, for example, 1.3



Bid floor currency specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes, for example, "USD"



Auction type.

  • 1 for first price auction.

  • 2 for second price auction.

  • 3 for fixed price deal.

Deal JSON Example

An example of how an array of objects that might appear in a request.