BidSwitch Buyer Protocol v6.0ΒΆ

BidSwitch Protocol 6.0 is based on the IAB Open RTB Protocol 3.0. Fully supporting this new version of the IAB protocol requires combining the information in the following three resources. BidSwitch supports all three of these within one protocol.

  • The Open RTB 3.0 specification. This is a continuation of previous Open RTB specs, but many of the fields have now been moved to the new AdCom guide. OpenRTB contains the fields associated with the commercial transaction e.g., auction parameters, deals, bids, etc.

  • The Advertising Common Object Model specification, AdCom Specification 1.0 is composed of many previous Open RTB fields. The fields that have been moved into this specification are those which specify the inventory being put up for auction and its context, e.g. ads, placements, users, devices, sites, publishers, etc.

  • The Ads.cert specification outlines how to cryptographically sign bid requests.

The following sections describe how Buyers can integrate or upgrade their integration with BidSwitch based on this version.

Bid Request

Bid Response