BidSwitch Deals Feed

The BidSwitch Deals Feed acts as an aggregated-proxy-supplier to a Buyer’s connected Suppliers behind BidSwitch. Buyers should treats this feed as a separate Supplier, and BidSwitch will fill the feed with Deals Requests for that Buyer.

In other words, from the Buyers perspective the Deals Feeds is just like activating any other trading pair in BidSwitch except the “Supplier” is called "bsw_deal_feed". There is only one change to the protocol, outlined below in Buyer Feed Setup, but this is not a required field and should you so wish you do not have to support it.

The main purpose of this feed is to dedicate a certain portion of available QPS to Deals Requests so that they are not throttled or filtered as part of regular traffic. In addition to this, Suppliers cover the cost of distributing their Deals Requests through this feed, so it removes the Buy-side Bid Reduction Fee BidSwitch applies to other traffic. Also, Gambling, alcohol, and other forms of advertising that are Geo sensitive can go through unimpeded given both parties agree.

Opted-in vs Opted-out Traffic Routing

Deals traffic from a Supplier can only go through either Standard Traffic or the Deals Feed, never both simultaneously. How traffic is routed depends on if the Supplier has opted-in to the feed or not.

  • Opted-in Deals-Only Suppliers can only be accessed through the Deals Feed
  • If a Supplier trades both Open Deals and Deals Only, and they have opted into the BidSwitch Deals Feed, their requests will be split between Standard Traffic and the Deals Feed accordingly

Buyer Feed Setup

In the Bid Request, the feed is identified using the ext.ssp field, and the source Supplier is specified using the ext.media_src field

BidSwitch Deals Feed Protocol Fields
BidSwitch Deals Feed Standard Bid Request

How can Buyers subscribe to the Private Feed?

  • Request access to the feed either through the myBidSwitch UI, or through your Client Services or Support Representative.
  • Request a specific percentage of QPS be set aside for Deals traffic per data center.
  • Set specific targeting for the feed; i.e. specific Geo’s, Inventory Type, etc, just like it is done for other Supply sources.

How do Suppliers partake in this?

  • Talk to your Client Services or Support Representative to get this enabled on your account
  • Ensure that the Auto-Deals functionality is enabled on your account. Traffic will be included in the Deals Feed if it is Auto-Deals traffic, see the Setting up Auto-Deals section for details.