Auction Type Targeting

BidSwitch Auction Type Targeting lets Buyers filter bid requests they receive based on the auction type. The auction types available are First-price and Non First-price auctions, Non First-price auctions include 2nd price, fixed-price, and any other type. These are identified using the at field in bid requests. Auction Type Targeting means you will only receive bid requests from BidSwitch for the auction type you want.

Enabling Auction Type Targeting

You configure your Auction Type Targeting on a per Supplier basis. To apply it to one, or a subset of your connected Suppliers, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the myBidSwitch UI BidStream settings page

  2. From the Trading Partners list, select the partner to whom you wish to apply Auction Type Targeting

  3. From the Auction Type option, select Only First Price or Non First Price

  4. Save your changes